Soap for your Hands and S.O.A.P. for your Soul

As we continue to adjust to this new season of social distancing in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have been consistently encouraged to thoroughly wash our hands using soap to help prevent the spread of this virus. This simple act helps keep our hands clean by killing the germs that inevitably we come into contact with, stopping the spread of viruses to other people and surfaces.

Another simple act involving S.O.A.P. can help refresh our souls during this time where we are unable to meet together physically as the body of Christ.

This week if you cannot join us on Sunday at St. Matt's Church - 20 people text in, you should set aside a mutual time for those in your household to intentionally come together in praise, prayer, worship and celebration.

1. Begin with Praise (Reading a verse from a Psalm, watching a youtube Praise song) 2 Read the following Bible passage slowly, out loud - Acts 10: 34 - 48 Have a piece of paper and a pen handy and complete S.O.A.P. on the passage 3. Pray and Praise God together seeking his infilling of the Holy Spirit 4. Finish your time with Worship (if possible using the St. Matt's worship video clips provided for this week)

Don't forget to engage with your children using the St. Matt's children's video clip and resources found on:

Introduction to this week's bible passage

Need to know how to do a 'S-O-A-P' Bible Study?